a relatively short meander

My meanderings  from the past week:  (That opening line just brings on a quickening pulse and promise of great things, doesn’t it? NOT!)



I love having my Liesl-babe home alone with me this school year.  When I “copy-phode” (photocopy) pages from her craft book for her to do, it makes her very happy.  The one on one with her is so much fun and I wonder if the others missed out because I didn’t have it with them.  Natalia and Andre are only a little over a year apart and they were pretty much pushed into everything together.  Being alone with just one, I can see why people put a lot of stock on family placement in who you become.  The dynamics are just different with the youngest of the family.  If we can just keep her sweet and not growing up to be a B.R.A.T…..  🙂 And I hope the others have their own special memories of childhood that make them happy when they’re 35.

I slooooowly cleaned our bedroom last week and on Friday I washed all the bedding and hung it out in the October wind.  All day I was looking forward to bedtime.  When I crawled into bed, I breathed deeply and knew that this must be what heaven smells like.  Or “If I could bottle this up, I would make a million….” as the old Paul Overstreet song says.

When Dan is wearing a line-dried flannel shirt I like to hug him extra long because he smells extra good.  Speaking of hugging, Dan is now on the 15 lb. mark for weight loss and hugging just got better because we are closer now, without that extra belly in the way.  (insert eye roll here from  15 year old son)

Cleaning our bedroom and high hopes to paint and redecorate our house brings on a lot of thoughts for me.  Thought like:

The days of floral swags are SO over, Luci.  Realize it.

Clean fine white lines are popular and beautiful.  But imagine your life with a white bedspread and walls and everything else. You have a big family.  You live where it’s muddy.  Your water has iron in it.  Get over it.

In the north it seems like everything is built for convenience and efficiency.  I think old houses with big porches and tiny crannies are beyond wonderful, but they don’t exist here.  Neither do cheap antique finds and vintage stuff and huge yard sales with cool old stuff.  It’s not Pennsylvania, woman.  Not that you would know what to do if it was.

And when I think of painting and redoing and the mess it will make and what it will cost and the decisions it will involve, I kind of freeze up sometimes.  Just give me a mud hut and a little garden and neighbors who stop by for tea, ok? 

No, really.  Some people are SO gifted at making things beautiful and I want to learn how to do it too.  I seem to be better at picking up trash.  Just ask Alec, who helped me pick up the white insulation in the highway ditch the other day that has been bugging me for weeks.

There were many other thoughts, but I’m forgetting them.

And besides thoughts, there were funny potatoes.


And singing with these people.  My little sister singing We Are Not Alone makes me sigh with the delightfulness of the world.




(Bryan the comedian entertains, even though he doesn’t know how to play guitar.)

It’s Canadian Thanksgiving today.   According to yesterday’s speaker at church and Wikipedia, Canadians actually had a thanks day prior to the US.  But the United States really knows how to dress it up right.  And only 5 countries out of the world’s 200 have a Thanksgiving day.  Another source says 11 do.  Who knew?

There is a turkey in the oven and rolls mixing in the breadmaker.  And my heart is really full.

Thanks for reading here.  I love friends like you.

One more thing:  If you are not on wordpress and comment here, what does your box come up like?  Can you just put in your name and email address and comment?  Would you try it so you can tell me?  (Yes, yes.  I am begging for a comment. )


32 thoughts on “a relatively short meander

    1. oh same here. Don’t know what to do with something? Put it in the master bedroom, of course!! And the dust and stuff? Terrible. It is fun to go to bed in a clean room. I just might start to do it earlier for that very reason. 🙂

  1. What a great post. I love the way you write and the word pictures it brings. You made me laugh with the flannel shirt hug. Flannel shirts always make me feel itchy-a worn out cotton Tshirt is probably what I’d be hugging, since I married someone who doesn’t like to part with his things. 😉 someday I will come be a little mouse in your House. Then I could see your sweet, sweet little girl’s face as she sleeps so soundly. Enjoy those days with her.

    I should start blogging again. It was so fun as such a stress buster.

  2. Glad I’m not the only one with a dusty bedroom!! and Happy Thanksgiving!! I’m a little sad to not be up there with my family. =( Oh, and just because I live in PA and have lots of vintage-y things at my fingertips doesn’t mean I know how to use them. It feels like my decor is a constant work in progress… and the stuff I do have out usually has a layer of dust on it =/ .

  3. I’ll try a comment and see what happens! Loved this post, by the way! And how did you have time to write this wonderful little post when you are cooking for Thanksgiving anyway? You must have gotten up earlier than I did today!

  4. You would probably feel totally at home at my house. It’s very “lived in” and I’m not much of decorator. Ha!

    I love how birth order affect personality and development. I read a book about it once.

    1. I think I would feel very much at home there, Beth. And we both have mad photography skills too. 😉 I am blown away by people like you who do the house stuff and also work away from home. That takes some wonderful organization.

  5. I’m looking forward to my October-sun-dried sheets tonight, too. And I can’t wait to see Steve with that beard in real life.

  6. Every Monday I as we crawl into bed I gleefully ask Nelson if he knows what today is…..”Clean sheet day”, he asks? The simple joys!

  7. Love your blog…makes me feel like ” crying softly” because I miss the overshoots and Canadian thanksgivings and Linda singing and all of us singing happily…I even miss the endless comedy=)! Happy thanksgiving!

  8. Paul Overstreet…really?!:) Good oldies! Love your closer hugs w/ your man and cute preschooler and clean sheets and decorating qualms. It’ll all turn out great if you go with what YOU like. Never mind Pennsylvania.:)

  9. so FUN reading this.
    I love spending one-on-one with my girls…it’s amazing what all my 3 yr can get said when I am focused only on her… with no one to interrupt her…I love it.
    happy Canadian thanksgiving!

  10. 🙂 Looking forward to getting to know you. This line “and hugging just got better because we are closer now, without that extra belly in the way.” made me literally laugh out loud, no eye rolls. Besides that you posted a picture of an amazing potato. That spud had ears!

  11. happy {day after} thanksgiving!! i love how canada’s thanksgiving is early this way.. just seems so much more like the true harvest/ fall time. in the states, by the time our thanksgiving rolls around the pumpkins are all rotten and the trees bare. and it’s so squished before christmas too.. this way you can really enjoy the thanksgiving season. i think we should get a petition to change thanksgiving in the states!! ;))

    so good to have you blogging again, friend. xo

  12. Love your blog, Luci! I really miss drying things outside on the line. Can’t do that in this park-clotheslines are ugly, you know! At least I have lavender that I can put in the linen closet! Happy Thanksgiving to you all! This site comment method is very like many other commercial sites and easy to use.

  13. yay. just found your blog… didn’t realize you had moved. i’m following you now and happy to see a post from you again. always love reading what you have to write. it’s like a breath of fresh air or something. blessings on your weekend!

  14. Cheers! I finally found your blog. 🙂 Since xanga changed I have gotten cut off from some of the blogs I love to follow.
    Love the name you chose for your new blog. 🙂
    Enjoy the rest of the beautiful autumn days, looks like winter will be here before we know it!

  15. I don’t think I ever read your blog – and I feel like I’ve been cutting myself short of a good read! You’re a good writer and funny and Sooo easy to connect with!
    I too, LOVE the smell of freshly laundered sheets and shirts. I love what you wrote about hugging your hubby extra long because he smells so good! Bring it on! 😉
    And, you make me want to go clean-clean my bedroom now too!

  16. I’m so happy to be reading your words again Luci. I had a chuckle over that potato. Liesl is so adorable. Don’t feel guilt about what the others had compared to her. This is the time to enjoy and delight in. A gift for you.
    Laundry dried on the line is the best smell!

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