Friday morning hello

It’s Friday morning and there are 529.7 things to do.  But after combing one long braid and cutting summer sausage and cheese for 5 children and washing grapes and boiling eggs and reading Romans and carrying two children up the stairs because they love to wake up that way and making sure that Andre fed the dogs and brushed his teeth and making sure that everyone had a clean face (oops, forgot to check Bryant’s) and braving a morning of really hard frost to make the drive to school, I seem to think I deserve a break.  So Liesl and I read Dick and Jane for a while, cozy here together on the loveseat. And the computer was close and I thought it would be fun to write, but I don’t have a lot of consequence to say.  The posts that burn in my soul when I can’t write them fade rapidly and I am left with the mundane.


Liesl just asked if she could eat Doritos and I said yes.


Last night I went out at 11:00 and rode on the combine with Dan for a while, an experience that makes me feel truly Albertan and ranch-y.  (Oh dear…that made-up word is way too close to raunchy and the whole line is not a good one, but I don’t have time to perfect it, with 529 plus things to do.)  There’s a feeling to riding in a combine that takes me back to growing up and my dad busy in the field.  I remember him gloating over a good crop.  There is the smell of dried grain and the slow progress of the big machine and the rattly grain truck.

Dan is so very hardworking.  I don’t know how he keeps his sanity with all the irons that he has in the fire.  I wish I would be kind and helpful even in stressful times like he is.  The combining seemed to last forever this year and it will be so good to have it done once and for all.


The landscape went from gold to brown in such a short time with huge autumn winds. Only a few sweet trees are still brave and yellow, the ornamental crab in the backyard being one of them.  I love it very much.


Andre is the little hugger in our family, so slow in the mornings that I want to tear my hair out just making sure he gets dressed for school.  I wasn’t sure if he’d be ready for first grade, but he is READING.  I love that very much too.  And the boy too, for that matter.

mom n dre

I also love the notes that small girls write to each other.



I love you.  I know I sometimes fight with you to and don’t feel like being your friend.  I still am your friend.



October sunsets are awesome.

IMG_6392 IMG_6390

A little bit of pretty in the newly painted bathroom.  Curtains made by my sister Linda.


It’s a bright fall morning, a good, cold day to be alive.  I’ve been so challenged by this lady’s header and verse on her blog.  I copied it down and put it by my kitchen sink:

Why not choose to just LOVE LIFE?

“He he would LOVE LIFE and see good days, let him refrain his tongue from evil, and his lips from speaking deceit.  Let him turn away from evil and do good.  Let him seek peace and pursue it.”

Enough said.  Happy Friday.


12 thoughts on “Friday morning hello

  1. What a lovely Friday 🙂 I love the way you describe the changing of the seasons, and fresh painted bathrooms with pretty curtains! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I love coming here to read your words. Life has carried me away {a long way’s away} from blogging. I have dreams of bringing my life back to where I was but I am not sure if that’s me anymore…or if that has just been lost in the chaos and disorder and I need to move on. Either way, I love reading your words! Keep up the good work!

    1. Sarah, I haven’t heard from you in forever. I’ve been wondering what you are up to. So nice to hear from you. We have 2 trips to MT scheduled for this fall. I hope I get to meet you on at least one of them. 🙂 Thanks for coming here today. I’d love to read your words again too.

  3. A lovely Friday post.
    How fun to ride in the combine together…even if it’s work, you get to be together for a little while. Your bathroom looks cute too.

    Happy Weekend to you! 🙂

  4. Harvest is lasting forever here too! I love riding the combine with Leon…but so far I only spent several hours in the tractor w/ him. Farmers are hard workers. I get that. My man is a true farmer. As is yours.

  5. I adore Emma’s note…and your new bathroom look! What did you do about the tile then? I wish so bad I could be here when you come through next week. And what’s with the two trips to MT? I only know of the one!

  6. hmm.. you sure you weren’t being raunchy while you were feeling ranchy!! ;)) kidding.

    love the sunset shots and you and andre – so sweet! our golds have now faded to browns as well w/ all the rain. i finally took down all the last of my summer planters and patio furniture yesterday. it looks colorless and bare and ready for a blanket of white snow to cover it all. :))

    happy wednesday luci!

  7. Oh yes, wonderful post, and there is beauty in the mundane, although I love your other posts, too. Tis the season to not write them, LOL, as there are 600 other things pressing. You are you, and it is a joy to us who read your blog, and to those you love and care for!
    Love the photos, the curtains, the letter, the image of you with your dear husband, and the verse at the end. xoxo

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