Things we said

“Why would I waste time playing computer when I could be reading Mr. Small?” said Andre after shooting elk on a computer game for a while this morning.

“That’s my boy,” said his mother, who spent plenty of time during our lazy vacation time reading and posting online herself. In my defense, I also cooked for several large tables of guests, took a lot of children tobogganing (and got stuck in a snowbank), went bowling with Dan and some cousins, helped build an igloo, read two books, and shopped and wrapped and carolled like a crazy woman.

“I would love to have farmed in the 1920’s,” said Dan, who is reading Alberta history books right now. “These pictures of threshing machines make me feel tingly inside.”

Natalia had the flu. “I wish I could be sick instead of you”, I said.
“But we wouldn’t want our heavenly Mother to be sick!” said Liesl. I don’t think I’ve ever been called heavenly before, but it’s kind of a good feeling.

“Oh how BEAUTIFUL!” we all said about Linda’s chalk drawing on the church blackboard.

“It just doesn’t really WORK to be a Mennonite and be FAMOUS. I mean winning the Oscars and all the paparazzi and stuff.” This came with a sigh from one of the girls in my Sunday school class who loves the limelight and reads up on the celebrities when she gets a chance. We were talking about servanthood, I think. I love my intermediate girls’ class very much.

“I look paler than you, Mom. Tell them I was sick,” said Victoria of the dark skin when she saw that I was posting a picture of the two of us in our Christmas dresses.
christmas dresses
“Oh please,” she said when she saw that I actually did what she said.

“You have beautiful teeth,” said my brother Glen to Natalia, whose brother sometimes gives her little jabs about her teeth being bucked–those new teeth replacing tiny ones that sometimes look too big for a small face. She was wreathed in smiles at the compliment.

“I so want to write, but I’ve lost my inspiration,” I said. “I want to write, but you’ve got to have a POINT when you write.” After this I went on to say who I wish to write like and Dan went on to say that I’m actually better than this person, but I thanked him for the love and told him how VERY wrong he is. Tori agreed with me. Because this person is so witty. “And she always has a POINT,” I said. I so understand that blogging isn’t about competition or anything.

But…The Point is what seems to be missing in my heart these days.
The irony is that I write more and (maybe) better when I’m depressed.
But I’m so grateful for good health this winter.
The snow falls and the days are short and the darkness comes early. But I feel at peace with myself and God and the world. Thank you, Jesus.

But I can’t really write right now. I can’t even get a Christmas/New Year’s letter together. That is an annoying feeling.

Thanks for reading my posts. I have been inspired and encouraged by friendship this year.



14 thoughts on “Things we said

  1. A joyous peaceful new year to you too, and your family! You and your daughter!!! …wow, she’s growing into a lovely young lady already. Today we celebrate Felicia’s 15th and that’s BIG stuff. 🙂 She gets to start the youth group with a bang at the New Year’s Eve party. MISS YOU!

  2. I love reading what you write. Even when you don’t think these a point. 😉
    I’ve never been called heavenly, what a compliment! Love the art on the board!
    The things they said were hilarious!

  3. Pointless blog posts are sometimes the best ones. I write many of those, ok not saying mine are the best or anything… whatever. I’m getting myself all wadded up here. 🙂 Good post anyway. 🙂

  4. “The irony is that I write more and (maybe)
    better when I’m depressed.”

    Me, too! And so, I am always glad when there are big slices of a year that are left unrecorded. But, a little sad at the same time because a record of trials and tribulations and lessons and God’s miracle-working in our lives is so INTERESTING to read in later months and years! 🙂

  5. I agree that sometimes pointless blogs are the best. This was fun to read, and I especially had to laugh about Liesl’s comment. 🙂

  6. Ha! I love pointless posts! Most of the time by the time I get to read a blog I just want to unwind and have a little social life. You know, like as though you could have some mom friend over for coffee at 9:39 pm …. like that’s even realistic. But when we get together, we don’t make sure our conversation has a point. We don’t worry half so much about it. It just happens. And I’m not saying writing and conversation are identical because I know they aren’t. I’m just saying, I don’t always want to process a point minutes before 10 in the evening. 🙂 I just want to catch up with someone’s life. And it’s been pretty interesting hanging out here for a couple of minutes and hearing the cute stuff that gets said at your house. 🙂

  7. Enjoyed a glimpse into your life! Who’s the guy sitting on the sofa with Dan? Wish I could just walk over this afternoon and enjoy a cup of tea with your family!

  8. I loved this post and I need to do this more – writing down the words that were said. All of them made me smile and gave me a glimpse into the personality of those that said it.

    Writing really has its seasons. Having a point is so over rated I do think. 😛 ha ha

  9. i remember hearing someone ask elisabeth elliot at a conference what her best advice for writing would be and she said, “just write!” i think of that often when i feel i don’t have anything to say. writing is so therapeutic and often helps us sort out our feelings, even when we’re not sure what they are.

    i know i’ve told you before but i truly DO think you have a gift with your words- able to express things in a very candid, authentic feeling way. don’t let the enemy’s lies hold you back from sharing the gift God’s given you!

    “our heavenly mom” made me smile. how sweet is that! and what the little girl said about being mennonite and famous – especially since i just watched the golden globes last night! ;))

    hope you’re having a good start to your week. i hear an alberta clipper is headed our way w more snow. keep it out there as long as you can! ;))

  10. I missed this post back when… I like reading about your family adventures because you are just a few years ahead of us, and it is (sort of ) fun to anticipate the next season. Oh, and I didn’t know you had a Liesl. One of our little girls was very nearly a Liesl. 🙂 Such a cute name! We had “Victoria” on our favorites list, as well. 😉

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