:::lessons from my darlings::



She isn’t the least bit worried about who is winning Olympic hockey.  She doesn’t care about gun laws or food for tomorrow.  Who is smarter or prettier or skinnier than her is the last thing on her mind.  And she feels confident that she can decorate and pull off fashion with the best of them.

She only knows that a day of playing polly pockets, looking at Where’s Waldo, listening to Jack and the Beanstalk on story tape, and setting the table for dinner is exhausting.  And she knows when a girl needs her rest, even if it means that your eyelashes nearly brush your potatoes.

I want to be guileless like my four year old.

(With the exception of how she cheats at Candyland.)

Last night we went out to eat at a nice family restaurant in Dawson Creek with a gift card that church friends gave to Dan for his birthday.  Because we had a gift card, we enjoyed extras like root beer and dessert that we often don’t bother with because eating out with a large family is expensive.

I noticed how nice the three oldest children looked sharing a huge piece of chocolate cake. 

Lesson number 2 from the Martin family today:

Share like they do when they’re out in public. 😉 I do love them so.

Happy guile-free, sharing weekend to you!



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