When a lady has a baby

When I got pregnant and the current baby, Baby Four, was just six months old, I remember telling my family when we made the announcement that his conception felt like the virgin birth. We’d been doing all we knew NOT to have a baby for the time being. But there he was, growing away with little help from any of us!!   I struggled kind of hard for a while, but when you are with child, there’s not a lot to do but be strong and start to get excited. And even though I might have thrown a fit or two in the beginning, I knew that he was God’s baby and had a purpose for being here that was bigger than his parents’ plan.

So I got round and ripe again and July 2007 came and almost went. My babies had a crazy way of getting bigger each time. Baby Four was a dainty girl of 9 lbs. and 8 ounces, so I kind of stewed a lot about Baby Five.

At the last few births, we’d waited kind of long to go in to the hospital. I hate laboring in there, so I was all “it’s ok, the contractions aren’t regular yet” for a bit too long and then poor Dan was afraid he’d be delivering babies on the road. So with Baby Five, we were going to get it right. After going in one night and having the humiliation of being sent home (that had never happened before), our favorite nurse, Sue, told me she’d be on duty yet the next night and would be there to catch our baby.

Well the next night came and I went through my ok this might be the night routine. I was laboring again. My mom had said she’d keep the other children at her house again just in case. I told Dan to get some rest and I sat in the chair and wrote in my journal and timed contractions. At 2:30 I woke him because I needed some moral support. And all of a sudden we knew it was TIME. We left at 2:40 and drove 130 km/hour to town. Dan called the hospital and Sue said she’d be at the door with a wheelchair waiting for us. In the Pouce canyon, about halfway there, I felt like I was ready to push this baby out, but somehow we kept motoring on, Dan putting on his four-ways and driving like only a man next to a woman in labor can. At the emergency entrance, the nurses met us at our vehicle and I stumbled into the wheelchair. They sped through emergency pushing me, talking briefly of just using a bed there. “But Beth (the emergency night nurse whose name I made up because I can’t remember it) doesn’t like her beds messed up,” they said.

In the elevator to second floor, I was sure I was going to have the baby right then and there. But somehow we also had time to laugh about the story of the lady who was having a baby in an elevator with nurses trying to console her. “Don’t worry,” they said. “Last year we had a birth out on the hospital lawn.”

“I know,” wept the woman. “That was me!”

{I can’t remember if I told the nurses this story or if they told it to me.}

We tore through the halls to the delivery room, but I couldn’t get out of my chair.

Dan lifted me up onto the bed, with dire warnings from the nurses about hurting his back.

And there he was, the big squawling boy. All 10 lbs. and 6 oz. of him.  The time was 2:59, 19 minutes after leaving home.  Normally our drive to the hospital should take us 20 minutes.

I was wearing a white and blue flowered maternity dress that I borrowed from my friend Laura.

And that is my not so OVERLY amazing but still kind of fun, birth story for Baby Five, Andre Matthew Martin. He is a big, easy-going, perceptive boy of 7 with a wide smile. We love him–and God’s ways are just pretty awesome.

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6 thoughts on “When a lady has a baby

  1. I love this story. And now he’s seven! I’m sure that’s as hard for you to believe as it is for me to believe that this year I’ll be married seven years.

  2. Love this story because birth stories intrigue me that way! But the size, oh the size, I almost can’t get around that. My biggest was my boy, 8lbs 10oz and I thought that was a whopper. I do have to say, 6lbs or 8lbs (and I presume 10lbs) they all feel the same way with labor and delivery! :/

  3. I remember back when I read this story, I wanted to comment, but didn’t have the time. I came here tonight to catch up and read it again and laughed out loud again, especially at the part about a lady having her baby on the lawn. Our last baby was born in similar circumstances, only they called me the “seventeen minute woman” because that was the amount of time from check-in to birth. The best memory I have from the hospital was the lady in the elevator looking at us and asking if it was our first and the look on her face when we said, “No, actually, she is our fifth.”
    Oh, and where are your archives? I wanted to catch up and there is nothing showing up past this entry.

    1. We get faster with time, don’t we? 😉

      And I don’t know what happened to my only post since this one. It is gone. In its place are some pictures I uploaded the other day in hopes that I would get to blogging, with the comments from the random emotions post below them. Whatever. I still haven’t learned how to use wordpress.

  4. I just greatly enjoyed reading this one… Maybe I missed it last year, or just forgot. What a great birth story!:) and I did smile at your virgin birth; I used the same words for us this time around… It was so unplanned but God given. Though I will admit, the difference between a 6 year old and a 6 month old is a big one! The thought of another so close always scared me. Yes well, God’s ways are mysterious and beautiful.:) Blessings!

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