cold, facebook worries, and listerine

I commence to publish 4 posts balled into 1:

Spring mud brings memories of my childhood, like the day I got stuck so badly that I had to leave my boots in the Alberta glue-like clay and walk out barefoot, crying loudly.

In the summer, I think often of my mom out hoeing potatoes for all she was worth, her face red and her mouth set in that “I will conquer” line.

Fall has a kind of romantic aura around memories like Dad combining golden-scented wheat. (You don’t think gold has a scent, do you? I never knew it did either, until now.)

But nothing brings back childhood memories like seeing my children curled up on registers on a cold morning, the girls with their dresses billowing out around them.

We are in That Time of Year again and I’ve decided the only option is to huddle down and enjoy it. (“Hunker” came to my mind there. But I hate that word. Do you have words you can’t bear to use?)  The cold is here with fury, all -30 degrees  Celsius of it.  Which being interpreted is, -22 degrees F.  I have been practicing (to Dan) saying “It’s bloody cold” with an Irish accent, but it’s probably neither feminine nor conducive to anyone’s life, so I’ll spare you the video example. I don’t have one anyway.

p.s. I just went to Shari Zook’s blog and her latest post had “which being interpreted is” highlighted. I thought it was quite a good line up there ^^^^ and I wrote it before I read hers, so don’t think I am being a copycat.  I just can’t bear to take it out, so I did the usual.  Added explanations.  Communication is key to life!! 😉


There are two quotes that I would like to write about but will probably never get around to. So I’ll just throw them right here:  They are from What You Learn in Your 40s by Pamela Druckerman, New York Times, Feb. 2014.

“There are no grown-ups. We suspect this when we are younger, but can confirm it only once we are the ones writing books and attending parent-teacher conferences. Everyone is winging it, some just do it more confidently.

More about you is universal than not universal. My unscientific assessment is that we are 95 percent cohort, 5 percent unique. Knowing this is a bit of a disappointment, and a bit of a relief.”

Which explains why this article about being highly sensitive seemed to fit me so well. These types of articles always make you feel good and special and unique for being who you are, but the fact that they have 184 comments from people saying, “Ahhh.  I finally understand myself” makes you realize that you’re not as unique as you thought. 🙂 😦


“I find it impossible to invent anything half so true or touching as the simple facts with which every day life supplies me.” -Louisa May Alcott to Mary E. Channing Higginson, October 18, 1868-

After report cards from school for the first quarter, Dan studied all of 5 of them and said, “Well, I expect to see a lot of good coming from this house with report cards like this.”

God has given us smart kids. Not to brag.  Oh no!  It is humbling.  We did nothing to make it so.  And I only wish/hope/pray their marks would be so high in kindness and humility and courtesy.

I am proud in an undeserving sort of way. And I’m pretty sure that’s why I have thin, greying hair and a big nose and why Dan struggles with weight and thinks of his best arguments after the argument is over.  🙂 Because one just can’t have it all, y’know.

We had supper out last night to celebrate the calf crop of 2014 selling well at the auction. Andre bit into his big burger at a very nice restaurant and said, “I haven’t had such a good burger since McDonald’s!”

I met a man in Target in Grande Prairie who said his six year old son had just been run over. He seemed a little under the influence, but also looked stricken and dazed.  If that really did happen, I guess I don’t really blame him for trying to leave the store later with unpaid-for Listerine.  I told him I would pray for him, so I do every time I remember him.  Tragedy drives us places where you would never go otherwise.

I gave a lady money the other day and she may have been high. But it was so cold.  She cried.  I prayed with her in the parking lot of No Frills grocery store.  Sometimes I can’t stand the sadness of life.  And like Dan said later, “It’s probably better to err on the side of giving than to say no to someone who has a real need.”


(skip this part if you don’t do or enjoy facebook)

I’m trying to take a little break from facebook for a few reasons.

a) We had company last weekend and are getting more this weekend, so I’ve been busy cleaning some corners and dusting some cobwebs, hoping to give the impression that we always live in peace, cleanliness, and harmony around here.

b) I waste time horribly there. You don’t want to know how much.

c) We have an ordination at church in our very near future and while facebook is an easy way to lose the stomach ache I have when I think about ordinations, it also seems like a pointless place to be clicking around and “liking” stuff when there are serious, life-changing events happening so soon.

(See here for funnies on liking stuff on facebook. Be sure to read the facebook philanthropist link that she shares.)

d) Someone I think a lot of is taking a facebook break and in her words, “Life is too short to get annoyed or to scroll through endless postings of nice sayings and pretty pictures.”  Well yeah.  It is.

e) I am a sensitive, loyal, and fair person–or try to be.  Because of this, I have a silly problem. Once I make my presence known on facebook for the day or hour or whatever, I feel like I have to do justice to everything that involves people I know and care about deeply.  For example, what if I “like” some random faraway person’s funny status and don’t read on to find out that my church friend just posted a wonderful family photo?  And she sees in the wonderful sidebar that Luci is on facebook but I never notice and comment on her picture?

I know. I seem to think I’m indispensable. But I know that I’M NOT.

I know. You are thinking, “Does this woman have nothing better to do than obsess about her life online?”

Indeed I do. But people, friendships, and words are important to me. I can’t keep up with so many friends, though.

Go ahead and call me ridiculous. I thought I was alone in my problem, but recently I was talking to a friend and said “I don’t see a lot of you on facebook anymore.”  And she said, “Well, I don’t really like to make my presence known when I’m on there.  I don’t have time to read everything and if I comment on one person’s stuff and not another’s, it makes me feel bad.  One time someone actually mentioned that they’d noticed that I’d noticed someone else and not them.”  (That is not word for word what this friend said, but you get the gist.)

It’s sad that we tie ourselves to things like that, but right now I don’t know how to get away from that problem. So I’m taking a little break to try to figure it out. 🙂

But I’m posting this blog post link to facebook? How does that work?!

I admit that I’m slightly extremely OCD about relationships and take small issues too seriously. And usually people are not noticing us as much as we might fancy they are.

How do you control facebook in your life?


The children will soon be home from school and I have maundered here long enough.

Maunder- to speak indistinctly or disconnectedly.

Today I will treat them to sour cream twists and they will love me especially.

The Freedom Tower in NYC.  Just because. (Taken by Bryant.)


And summer.  Because I kind of miss it already.


Happy Wednesday, you lovely people.

Indeed you are lovely if you read AOTA. (all of the above)



11 thoughts on “cold, facebook worries, and listerine

  1. There is so much want to comment on! I think I need to come back and read this again before I do. So, so much wrapped in this and I adored it all. Felt it all. Nodded my head in agreement as I read. Loved it, Luci.

  2. It’s so interesting to hear about your life in the far north.We still have a few roses blooming ,but it will all be coming to a halt this weekend . My days consist of taking care of dogs and,but it can be so daily !!

  3. I am missing summer too, already. Hurry back warm sunshine!! And I am ashamed when I hear how frigid it is in some places and I shiver at 50 degrees!!
    I am in the same place with how much is too much Facebook … What is moderation to one is excess to another. May we abound in grace all! 🙂

  4. Luci, love your posts and your candidness! I used to worry over things like whether I responded to everyone’s post, but finally decided that I can’t possibly do everything for everyone so I quit trying. I do try to keep up with each friend and comment from time to time, but not every one every time. The interesting thing is: they are all in the same boat, too. Too much to do and not enough time to do it all. They understand better than we think. So I am just me and respond when I’m touched and post the things that I enjoy and that represent me, not what I think others want to see. If they are offended, they are the ones with a problem. I have enough problems of my own without taking on anyone else’s. Not as easily done as said, but sure makes life easier. So, do what you can do and what makes you happy (in the Lord) and don’t worry about the rest of us!
    And, oh my, I’m glad I don’t live up there! I would FREEZE to death! LOL! We’re supposed to get some freezing rain and snow tonight and tomorrow morning, but nothing serious or lasting.
    Do please keep linking to your blog on Facebook if you have time. Now, wishing you a wonderful time during the next few weeks and over the Thanksgiving holiday. So much to be thankful for because the Lord showers us daily with blessings; some big, some small!

  5. I just feel the need to wrap up in a blanket after reading the -22. I told the girls it’s cold out this morning when they were ready to leave for school and it was (whispers) 35. I take that back now. 🙂

    So many good things to comment on! Especially the kids, be humbly proud of them, all that hard work and effort you put in is coming around!! 🙂 Is there anything such as humbly proud? I would like to think there is. 😀

    Have a cozy warm rest of the week filled with lots of coffee, hugs and happy thoughts! 🙂

  6. Dear, dear, Luci…. I read everything you write and I read every word you wrote. I truly hope that God allows circumstances that will cause us to be able to meet in person because I always, ALWAYS want to give you a big tender hug and laugh and cry with you, sing with you or just sit silently…whichever is appropriate for the moment. You’re a beautiful person! I am not on Facebook much…it got a bit tedious. Because of my sister, I have to still keep the connection, and inform the back east relatives and friends of how we’re doing. I do still love to post the pretty pictures and photography helps to keep me sane. I had wondered about the freezing cold you’re living with and how you all cope. When I was little in Pennsylvania, I may have sat over a heat register. I definitely huddled next to Grandmom’s radiator in the livingroom. I care so much about what goes on in your life. I do wonder if we’d be fast friends in person. I would hope so…you know, chemistry and hitting it off, etc. Anyway, I’ll be watching for more Three Green Door posts! Much love, Gail

  7. Dear Luci, I enjoyed reading every word of your post! Regarding FB, honestly, I have felt those very same things but lately I just don’t care as much bc I cannot keep track of who I’m wishing happy birthday to and who I missed, for example. Of course, next week I may feel OCD again. Life is changing, we are changing, thank goodness that GOD never changes…He is our rock. Do what you need to do, your friends are not going to judge you, keep records of “wrongs”, or whatever…they love you no matter what! Including your friend in CT, where it’s currently 43 degrees. Love you!

  8. I’ve heard of the FB problem before, so yes, you are not the only one, dear. I miss summer too! I freaked out at your bloody cold reported degrees! And I think 37F is cold enough. I fear I shall never make it if I had to live in Canada. I snow pictures are pretty though. 🙂

  9. The facebook isn’t as much of a problem if you don’t have very many friends (like myself) :). I remember the heat register mornings but I thought I was weird that way. Even now it is very comforting for me to curl up by the little heater. Enjoyed the post!

  10. Hi Luci. Your sister Carol told me about your blog. I love your heartwarming candor about life’s feelings. Bless you for being honest! And for sharing your gift of putting life’s stuff into written form that lives and blesses.

    I’ve been on a long FB sabbatical myself for various reasons. But I want to return someday. It’s a wonderful medium to connect with lots of people though. I don’t decry it like some people, but I also know it can do great harm too. I’m pretty sure God knew all about the internal stuff Facebook would birth long before it ever hit cyberspace. He knows the paths our hearts must take as we wend our way through life’s beautiful chaos. ~Ava

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