Tell someone. And other unrelated thoughts.

Well, the oatmeal spilled in a grumpy-ish morning moment is swept up.

Same with Sunday’s popcorn.

It’s snowing.  Life is SO full of surprises. 🙂

I took this quiz, finding out the first time that my inner nationality is British.  The second time around it was Brazilian because I chose slightly different answers that still fit me.  Whatever, folks.  I also did one that said what kind of a woman I really am.  Not telling results.

Whenever I do foolish things like take random quizzes, I see my mom in the rearview mirror and she doesn’t look impressed.  I am glad she’s not too far away. Without her, I may do even more foolish things.  I love her!

Liesl and I took a walk down our long lane and at the end we met our neighbor, Mr. Mack, who is also the new deacon at church.  He dropped his little boy off with us and now Liesl and Trevin are playing something happy and pretend, their loud voices reaching me here while I drink my Red Rose tea, thick with cream and honey.

I need to start walking daily again.  I feel winter settling in around me and its whiteness and silence can easily bog me right down in places where I don’t want to go.

It’s so pretty, though.  And the wood fire.  Mmm.  And nights like these:


I love it much that Dan plays board games with people who need absolutely piles of help.

I am a Peachey.  The Peachey mantra for relaxation is “Give me a coffee and some conversation.  Or give me a book to read.”  ~The End.~  (I might add, “Give me the laptop.  May that not disgrace the Peachey tribe.)

But playing a board game is one of the worst forms of torture.  ESPecially playing a board game with 5, 7, and 8 year olds.  Long live my wonderful mother-in-law, who raised a son who loves to teach life and business to his children with a board game.  My mother-in-law is a great game player herself, patiently coaching, cheering the winner, encouraging the loser.

In my defense, I like any game that involves words and/or talking.  Card games are tolerable.  But I do not want to go around a board pretending to like farming!   Or construction work! Or real estate! ~The End.~ ( I try to be a good sport and do it sometimes. But everyone sees through my false cheerfulness.)

We were discussing Nunavit the other day.  It is the newest territory in Canada, a break off from Northwest Territories.  To get a picture of its vastness, understand that  there’s 63 square kilometres for each person.  Talk about lonely.

This 3rd grader just discovered Anne of Green Gables.  She is also SO excited about singing alto on a few program songs at school.  I think I was quite a bit like her in grade 3.  The other day she said, “Being a teacher must be hard!  Because you know? I don’t like hurting people’s feelings, but when you did report cards, you’d have to write the truth, not just what makes the parents feel good.” Indeed,  Getting through life without hurting people’s feelings is a good but impossible goal.


I love, love kids’ artwork.


I was thinking the other day about writing and honesty and the ideas we get about people from what we read of them online or see at church or even deduce in a nice meal at their house or a weekend with them.

They just really seem to have it together and we just really don’t.

There are things we’re all going through that are hard.  I think I can’t tell you mine because I could hurt my husband or my children or someone in my church.  Or myself….. my own self that I want everyone to believe is doing okay.  Really.

You might be having horrid battles with an adolescent.  Or be feeling so overwhelmed with your mess that you can hardly hold your head up.  Or maybe you moved and you miss your mom and haven’t found one kindred spirit anywhere nearby.  Or maybe your husband’s cell phone addiction is about to put your marriage under.  Or maybe you don’t like your preacher one bit.  Or maybe you have a terrible dread that your teenager is viewing porn.  Or maybe you’re so jealous of someone that you feel like your life is being eaten away.

I don’t know why I’m writing these things, except to say that there is someone somewhere who understands.  Find someone.  Telling our secrets robs of them of their power.  I read and never forgot that line over at Confessions one day.  I won’t look it up, but maybe you can go back and find it.

And you are the apple of God’s eye.  Dan preached about that yesterday and I told him on the way home that I wonder why I can’t just BELIEVE that and go around basking in it.  Because it’s really an awesome concept and God says it in Deuteronomy and Zechariah about Israel.  And Israel was just a mess, not very prone to making God proud.  I can see that He might feel that way about me a few days out of the year.  But today?

But He feels about me like I do about those children pictured up there. ^^^^^^

Some things you just have to hold onto by faith and pray that the feelings will come some sweet day.

Check out this great giveaway.

Leave me a comment about a game you like to play.

(Yes.  I like when you comment.  And if you read here but NEVER say a word, do so this snowy Monday. But goodness.  That is terribly bossy.  I will modify it with if you wish, honeys.)

Later then,



25 thoughts on “Tell someone. And other unrelated thoughts.

  1. My comment will not be about a game I like to play but to tell you that I am in your corner on this game playing business. I think I break out in hives at the mere mention of me playing a game. Thankfully Eric is willing to play with the kids occasionally or they would forever be out of luck in this household. 🙂

  2. We like Settlers of Catan a lot. It deals with resources instead of money, making it a lot easier for small folks to make their own investments. That said, my husband is a brilliant and somewhat ruthless game player and I usually end up a little miffed, but we always make up after ward. 🙂
    And yes, there are always others who can relate to our battles… the worst feeling is being alone in a struggle.

  3. Oh my….games….My son and husband love to play Settlers of Catan but it is at least a three person game. I play and pout and tell them all they need me for is clutter. I’m just clutter on the board…so be it. But I do like Dutch Blitz….Really not too much brain work for that one and plenty of noise and action.

  4. Hi Luci~ yes, I met you in Walmart a few months ago. =) Could you email me at quintuplicatemom(at)gmail(dot)com? I don’t like the cold dark winter either. It eats at me until I sew quilt tops or something to keep myself sane!

  5. Love your thoughts.. I never got into Rook ,but I sure can play Dutch Blitz…I was looking at my Pictionary game last night and thot I might as well get rid of it as no one plays games ..Too many electronics !!!

  6. I like to play Authors. Ever heard of that? It’s a card game where I get to talk about two of my favorite things: books and authors. 🙂

    I loved this cozy glimpse of your family. Winter is settling in here also. Snow, and lots of it!

  7. Your place looks and sounds cozy. I wish I could sit next to the fire and catch up with you and talk about the secrets that have too much power when they stay quiet. It’s so true that admitting the truth even to just one person can help so much.

    I love games if they are fast paced, but the really long ones can get boring if you are a) playing them with little people or b) playing a strategy game with someone who takes it waaay to seriously. :)- I love Pictionary with adults or kids.

  8. I love when you blog. Seriously. I think we may have been sisters in another life. (but you inherited the writing gene) There, how stalkerish is that. 😀 I’m with Christy on the games. And I do wish my husband shared my love of the occasional game.

  9. I like Farming game and Monopoly and Life, if I can play them w/ equally compatible people. (in other words, not littles.) And I love, love Taboo and Scattergories and Take 1.

    And I should start walking too, but it’s cold here, and snowy, and windy, and i don’t FEEL like it!

    Love your blog!

  10. I like games. Mostly. Board games. card games. any games. The ones that I’d rather not play are of course the ones that get picked every time by my daughters. 😉 It does get wearying to tell them how to play, or to have to be reminding whoever’s-turn-it-is to please take their turn and go now. And then there’s the thing of encouraging the loser(s) and consoling. 🙂 But, I do like when we have time to play games together.
    Happy (snowy) Monday to you. Although, here it is actually (WINDY) Monday.

  11. I sometimes can get into games, but words are my favorite. I am addicted to words with friends on fb and have a handicapped friend who plays Scrabble with me once a week. I do not enjoy winter and am thankful to be south far enough to not have severe cold and north far enough for not too many 90 degree days.

  12. I always read here.:) Games? not sure I have a favorite, and I find it hard to make it happen too, tho I do love the difference it makes as the children get older. Stay cozy!

  13. I like dutch blitz. I don’t like any game that is finicky in it’s setup (like it takes more time and effort to set the game up than it does to play it). Chess is good, and Krokanoe (Croquenoe?), unless you are playing with someone who thinks too much.

    My house is a wreck, my family is a wreck, I feel like a flake but I know Jesus, my kids know Jesus and even though we fall down a lot, He always helps us back up.
    (Not that I think you were talking about me when you said people have it together)
    Love you Luci

  14. Boggle. Or Scrabble. Haven’t played either for a very long time tho. My teenagers and older children always play Rook. Rook!!! I don’t even like to be in the same room with it!! Doesn’t that sound like someone who always preaches Choose Joy and Be Thankful!?!? 🙂
    Yes, stay by that cozy fire and be warm!!

  15. I love the reminder that we are the apple of God’s eye. Yep, hard for me to accept that for myself. Telling our secrets reduces their power…I just heard/read that somewhere else recently and thought that was pretty interestingly true. My parents didn’t want their “constituents”-supporters to know that my brother was locked up for 4 years for drugs and theft. I was telling almost everyone I knew after awhile because OUR FAMILY NEEDED PRAYER. I think by the time mom was dying, dad was more open about telling people. I want people in my life to know the real deal about us. As for games,we really didn’t get into them because hubby never liked them but we did play Life, and the one where you had to guess who killed the butler and in what room with what thing (the candlestick?)! More recently, the Settlers of Catan appeared, also Apples to Apples. None of them are my favorite though. I’d rather go play Pickleball, once I have the time. Google Pickleball. It is a BLAST! If you have access to a gym, you could set it up and get a bunch of people of all ages playing. Well, my dear, it’s way past bedtime. Oh, but one more thing, the winter that I feel enveloping me is the fat around my middle.Maybe soon, we’ll get the magical snow!

  16. I’m with you on games… I don’t mind word games occasionally but I flounder helplessly through strategy games. And I like what you wrote about secrets and about being the apple of God’s eye. Why is that so difficult to believe??? Blessings on your day!

  17. A good, rowdy game of Dutch Blitz is my favorite. I’m not naturally competitive but bring out the Dutch Blitz and watch out!

    Love your thoughts on struggle. I’ve been mulling similar thoughts around in my own head.

  18. I loved playing games as a child and would beg my siblings to play with me. I would even set up a game board myself and have pretend players. Settlers of Catan is one that D and I will pull out on occasion and so a marathon run of it for many nights, keeping track of how many wins and losses each has accumulated. It does make for some tense moments, but otherwise fun. However, I can get a little cross and grumpy when asked to play the same game with anyone under the age of 15. A prerequisite for playing any game, in my book, is one must be able to process quickly and make snap decisions so as not to hold up the other players. If you can do this, then welcome to my playing field!!! Terribly selfish, I know.

  19. I think the “non playing games” gene comes from the Baers. I like doing something that has something to show for the effort. I do remember my parents playing many games of Scrabble and I like word games but that is all. Why is it so much easier for someone that has not grown up in a legalistic culture to freely embrace God’s unconditional love?

  20. Your little girl’s picture is not just cute but –I think–creative and detailed for one so young. Love it. Those mouths! And I am SO with you on liking games that involve words and talking. Like Boggle or Pictionary. But the others, I’m with Shannon up there, I want to break out in hives. I have sat through Phase 10 games in the interest of family unity and as the rounds went on and on in silence I felt that the sun was setting, the moon rising, night passed, day dawned, noon came, and it was once again evening, and I was still at set-of-3 run-of-4. Thanks for the thoughtful and fun post.

  21. Oh Luci, I do love this post and reading your blog. I read one about your mom to my mom. (I think of her . . .) My mom and your mom are first cousins once removed or how ever you figure that out. They knew each other back in PA ages ago. Anyway, I will join Lucinda and say I love to play Authors. Thanks for the peak into your cozy home.

  22. Lucy I LOVE LOVE reading your blogs. 🙂 Keep it up. Last night I had the most delightful evening out with Linda and 2 other girlfriends. Choc Crepes with wh.topping and coffee and a very good baby made it even better. Best wishes in 2015 and by all means, please keep writing.:)

  23. I love this post- Thankyou!! From someone who used to struggle with depression, it is not fun and winter was the hardest. But now I love the winter, and any kinds of games except monopoly- my family played games and did puzzles all winter. About finding someone to talk to- it is true we seem to think no one else has struggles like we do. Blessings to you, and Thankyou again for your encouraging post

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