bits of december

winter 14

1) Natalia’s toilet paper roll choir boy, made with great care for her piano teacher. His toque is the top of Andre’s old sock.

2) Liesl and her friend Sage, who looks like a little Hutterite, but isn’t.

3) That time of life when you rescue your daughter’s closet discards. Though sparkly slippers wouldn’t be my choice, they are warm. Alec says they bug him and Bryant says they’re annoying. Two great reasons to keep wearing them, I say…after all these years of putting up with boy noises and blaring story tapes and clothes thrown into the laundry after wearing them for 5 minutes. {Just call me Twinkletoes.}

4) A blurry moose picture. This is a common winter sight, a moose lumbering for the bush after helping himself to hay.



3 thoughts on “bits of december

  1. I had a pair of sequined, silver slipper flats that I wore for two years. I bought them for a cruise we took to Alaska to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary and when I got home, I couldn’t part with them. They were a good everything shoe. I could look down and feel classy and comfortable in an instant. 🙂

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