Are they spoiled?

My blog friend Shanda wrote about a situation she had at her house as a mom of 7 children.  Victoria read it aloud to me the other day while I washed the dishes and we laughed so hard.

Then today at lunch we had our own situation. It’s not as funny and I can’t write it like Shanda wrote hers, but it reminded me that I have spoiled rotten children too.

Natalia opened a new 4 litre jug of 2% milk, Beatrice brand from the No Frills grocery store.

She poured a plastic cup full of it and said, “Ewww. Mom! This has little white floaties in it.”

“That’s strange,” I said. I inspected it and sniffed it. Smelled fine to me.  It did have a few white pieces in it.  I tasted it and it tasted fine.  Good till August 25.  Nothing wrong with the stuff.

Alec looked dubiously into the jug. He smelled it suspiciously. Now Alec has been a milk connoisseur since he was a wee child. He won’t touch milk with any kind of strangeness to it. Such a great little farm boy he makes.

“It actually has a weird smell, Mom.”

I sighed a big sigh. “Oh dear.  Another jug of milk I can’t get anyone to drink. I think you guys are really spoiled!  Tell you what, just strain it with the little strainer if those floaties bother you. It really does taste fine.  Or call the company and complain. Your homo milk is not properly homogenized.  You could even try suing them, you know.”

“But really! Cream chunks never hurt anyone. 100 years ago, everyone drank milk with cream on the top and survived. When I was little, we loved extra cream in our milk. We’d pour cream on our cornflakes when Mom wasn’t looking. Farm cream too.”

The kids laughed slightly at my rant, but remained unconvinced, their pretty noses still slightly wrinkled.

Bryant did get brave enough to get the strainer out and strained a cupful, then dripped the strainer with its miniscule bits of cream in it across the kitchen floor to the sink.

Andre did the same a few minutes later, passing it over Natalia’s hair in the process.

They thought we could just make chocolate milk of the whole jug since it’s easier to drink weird milk when it’s chocolate.

Natalia said, “This could be in the paper.”

Bryant said, “Yeah…Beatrice Unhomogenized Milk Sold as Homogenized.”

And the story ends with Bryant calling “Okay. Pass the milk and the strainer.”

(I couldn’t actually call Dan for support on this one like Shanda called her husband. He taught them to be fastidious about their milk.:))


Liesl came bouncing in from checking cows last night with Dan.

“Tori, Tori! We watched your cow getting married tonight!”

She was so excited.

It’s that time of year.

I could hashtag that.





There’s too much to do around here. I won’t even go into detail.

One happy moment today was that Natalia found my favorite pair of flip flops when she vacuumed the suburban.  I’d given up on them. But it makes me sad and bothered when there is no explanation for lost things.

We had corn on the cob for supper and it was delish.

I read this in the Peace River Coffee News at Dairy Queen:

When you talk, you repeat what you already know; when you listen, you often learn something new. ~Jared Sparks~

2 thoughts on “Are they spoiled?

  1. I chuckled with empathy the whole way through. Like when my children are picky about how their clothes feel and I want to give them an idea how Everything Homemade with homemade patterns feels. Also, I am glad there are others who are bothered with lost stuff. I try not to sweat it, but it is so irksome sometimes. My large box of really cute note cards disappeared recently and nobody has any idea. We have really large Borrowers around here. (If you haven’t read those books, do it. It will explain so much. 🙂 )

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