A little of this, a bit of that

I was cleaning in our bedroom this morning, dusting it for the first time in way too long.  I found this picture from a school event about four years ago that was resurrected for Alec’s graduation last May.  (And yes, it was still at large in my bedroom.  Do you have a problem with that? I do.)

Meet Abe Lincoln, Sacagawea, and Johnny Appleseed.

abe lincoln school photo 001

I also reread a report Andre wrote last week about his minister. It is written in pen and full of scribbles and crossed out words.  Excerpts:

“He has a beerd and has a plesent smile.  He tells me about God.  And helps me understand things.  I can help him by listening to his sermins.  And when he needs another boy to help around the farm.  I LIKE MY MINISTER VERY MUCH.  THE END.


I was going to write about Victoria turning 16 in September and everything that went with that. But it didn’t happen. Now she’s actually bought her first little car and I’m just kind of in shock with kids growing up like crazy all around me.  Bryant shot a deer and Alec has a second vehicle and Liesl is reading.  I’m left in the dust, spinning desperately, trying to keep up with them.

One afternoon my sister Linda and I drove an hour to the Peace River, where we sat in the sun and read and then took a walk.



Golden September is gone, replaced with brown October.  Because the mighty wind took most of the leaves already.

The sky is so blue, though.  And here and there a few brave bits of brightness still flame.

Our butcher friend gave us some purple potatoes.  Here they are before they are baked with seasonings and olive oil. Eating purple potatoes gave me a funny feeling, but they tasted fine when I closed my eyes.


Little girls using cameras=glamour shots of all kinds:




Autumn bounty.


This is what happens when we try one of those “natural” shots when taking family photos.  You know the ones.

It got worse than this, actually.

family photo 244

I wish I had something brave and insightful and encouraging to say about the news right now.  But I don’t. My heart is saddened and fearful and angry by turns.  I vacillate between being way, way too engrossed in it and just wanting to bury my head in the sand and turn off the internet forever.

It is easier to tell you that we tried bear meat (Dan shot a small one in his oats field) and despite the feeling I had about not being able to stomach it, it was actually very good.  We didn’t tell the children what it was and they all ate it down without a problem.

I am sad about our color choice for clothes for family photos.  We got ready in a rush, took them in a rush, and….and….  Later I wondered why we didn’t go with brown, black, grey, a touch of yellow, maroon….whatever. I am wearing an old dress and shirt I don’t even like because the girls told me to in the flurry of trying for blue and green.  And there is no way the males in the family would ever consider a redo. Oh well. In light of school shootings and AIDS in Zimbabwe and the refugee uproar, it really doesn’t matter much.

Pray always. Care for one another.  Speak gently.  Trust God. Be kind.





5 thoughts on “A little of this, a bit of that

  1. Looks like a beautiful place to take a walk, along the Peace! Love the family pic :). I think the colors look great!

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