Please don’t use that word in my presence

If you don’t see much of me on the interwebs these days, it is because I’m:

a) Steam cleaning carpets

b) Buying toilet paper and sandwich bags again


c) Hiding away so I don’t have to read the Canadian election frenzy.

{Don’t you just love the word interwebs? I know I’m not up on things, because I was just introduced to it the other night by my brother-in-law, Dennis.  Urban Dictionary says it’s a slang term for internet.  And I love this little nugget:  It was said by Bush during the 2004 debates.}

Anyway, I’m serious.  The hoopla surrounding an event as big as an election does things to me.  I can’t handle all the information, all the propaganda, all the hurrahs and all the blasting.  I guess it’s hyper-sensitivity or something, but it gives me a big, bad stomach ache.

The kind of suspense surrounding a Very Big Thing like an ordination or a federal election is too big for my little mind. (For your information if you are not or have never been a conservative sort of Mennonite:  An ordination is a service in which the church votes for a leader and by majority vote one or more are chosen.  If there are several candidates with high votes, there is a lot to determine who God chooses for the position.) I can hardly stand to think of those moments of tension in the church while the votes are being counted for the prospective leader, not to mention the weeks of prayer and wondering beforehand.  And the same feeling surrounded this election for me.  I should have just taken a news fast, but I didn’t.  I subjected myself to reading bits of the hype and the fear and the controversy.

I kind of miss the good old days when Dad would read the Time magazine in his big chair and sometimes we’d discuss politics together, very rarely with our neighbors or church friends.  We knew a little because our dad loved the news, but we didn’t even have a radio when I was growing up, so the news was old by the time it reached us.  And besides a few scathing letters to the editor, there wasn’t this constant stream of propaganda entering our lives.  We didn’t know every friend’s political leanings and the world seemed smaller and safer.

I can’t imagine the courage and charisma (and of course the $$$$$) it takes for someone to run for office.  It’s got to require a certain personality and it’s not a personality like mine.  When I analyze my hatred of the suspense and the hype surrounding important moments like these, I realize that one of my problems is just that I really love for everyone to be happy.  And I know that there will be sad and angry people no matter what happens.

I also kind of want to stand up and scream, “Don’t you think that God’s got this? Do you really believe that all your fear and noise and ranting and trying to convince the unconvinceable opposition is doing anything?”

I think it’s good to listen to each other in these heated moments and it’s good to give grace and space to people and their feelings. And of course it’s always right to stand for truth. But you know what Jesus said is the way people will know if we are His? By our “shares” about Him or what we believe is truth? By our blasting of the government leaders we disagree with?  By our sad shaking of the head and negativism about a world going to the dogs?

No. He said people would recognize us as His by our love.

We are human and passionate and we want to be heard and we want to be recognized and we want weight to come with our words.  If we are Christians, we want others to know about freedom in Jesus and the truth that sets us free to serve Him.  We want a country that is well respected and that follows God’s principles and we get kind of fiery feeling when we see them defied.

So I guess we can give grace to each other and our opposing views on things like politics.

But I am so very angry when I see direct mockery of leaders, memes that picture them as idiots, words that defy everything the Bible teaches about loving our enemies and respecting those in authority over us and honouring our leaders and praying for them.

I shrink when I hear the word “idiot” used for anyone.  Do you know anyone who would take a photo of their worst enemy and plaster it on the web without their permission and put smart remarks under it that degrade the person?  They’d be in trouble from all sides, I’m sure.  But people do that all the time with the likes of Obama and Harper and Trudeau.  They’re our leaders, people.

My boys have to pay me $5 if they use the word idiot in reference to each other or any other person.  Jesus had harsh words for people who called others fools.

And you know who was governing in the days when Paul wrote those words in Romans 13 about the powers that be being instituted by God?  And when he wrote that when we resist them, we resist God?  Nero.  Nero, who was rumored to have had captured Christians dipped in oil and set on fire in his garden at night as a source of light.  “Nero’s rule is often associated with tyranny and extravagance. He is known for many executions, including that of his mother, and the probable murder by poison of his stepbrother Britannicus.” (so says Wikipedia)

Get a grip, Paul.  You’re telling us to honour people like this?

I don’t know what all honour entails and I’m not here to do any kind of debating.

But please don’t call our country’s leaders idiots in my presence.

Jesus didn’t come to condemn the world, but to save it.  Let Him work through you to help do that.

I’m looking over this post and seeing that I started half the paragraphs with “I”.  I may be needing lessons in humility.  Rant over.

This article is full of grace and class. Read it if you are a Canadian Christian. 🙂

See you later, love you all.

Maybe I’ll just go into real hiding until the 2016 election is over in the USA.  :/ Gah.

I’ll leave you with a picture of the brothers talking about tillage on an October day.



3 thoughts on “Please don’t use that word in my presence

  1. Thank you, Luci, for sharing your thoughts. I know that verse about honoring our leaders and I know deep down in my heart that God, indeed, has everything in control. His plan is moving forward perfectly. But even though I have been trying to be more respectful and pray more, I have found that I tend to get all het up over all the political hype. Very timely reminder to rest on Jesus and let the Father work his will. I, too, will be SO HAPPY when the 2016 election is over. So, thank you for reminding me that our job as Christians is to LOVE as the Father loved and fret not myself over evil doers. God’s got it!

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