nothing sensational

It’s another windy, sunny September day in Alberta. If I used the popular lingo of 2017, I’d say that autumn gives me “all the feels”. School starts and I am the sentimental mom, taking pictures of my babies off to their first day. I (almost) wish I was teaching again and I get super  nostalgic about that chapter of my life. It was one of my happiest. Wheat smell in the air and golden leaves and petunias still blooming leave me weak-kneed with delight and longing.

There are days, busy days, when I think fleetingly that it would be nice to have a reason to lie down. Like maybe a little flu or a sprained ankle. Then I could catch up on the things I want to study and the blogs  I want to read and the books that never get opened. On Sunday I had a weird stomachache that had me prostrate on the couch for most of the day. I realized about two hours into the romantic reality of my dream come true that I’m actually an ambitious person and lying down isn’t much fun. Facebook was dull, I couldn’t get into the book I was reading, and I didn’t feel like writing the email for writing group or the card for a friend.

While a lot of the West burns–and some of Texas and places like the Virgin Islands are in shambles–and hurricanes rage–we are treated to mostly clean air, crazy autumn wind, and oilfield guys tearing up our farmland to bury pipelines. I feel sick when I think of people who’ve been spending their summer in a smoky haze. I would feel so robbed of summer’s beauty. Not to mention losing homes and parkland to fire. And the horror of devastation like a hurricane causes just boggles my little northern mind. I kind of stay away from the news when things get horrific. But I do care and pray and I hope there are ways we can help. Firefighters have my utmost respect and I hope that someday, somehow we can house or feed people reeling from a storm.  Or help with cleanup. I’d be good at that, I think.  I’m good at picking up trash.

SO MUCH happens and life whirls by and I don’t feel like I’m doing well at taking it all in, let alone savouring it. If I post some of my pictures here, I take care of that a little.  To write and to look at old pictures is to savour for me.

They are 10th grade (and doing 100 push-ups a day), 6th grade (and sewing their own first-day dresses), 5th grade (wearing size 9 men’s shoes) and 3rd grade (still likes to be cuddle on our my lap in the mornings). They are bigger and more full of more personality than I ever dreamed they would be. And they were  patiently squinting for me at lunchtime when I took this picture because we were running late before school and didn’t have time for one then. “Do we have to do this every year, Mom?” Well, yes.

My cell phone pictures, since you always wanted to see an Alberta pipeline before it went underground.


I have learned to drink my plexus with frozen raspberries and huckleberries. I am giving it a (fairly consistent) whirl for three months. Soon I shall be a Ruby ambassador. NOT.  I am afraid things do not work well for me because I am a skeptic.
My heart kind of sinks when Liesl asks if we can wear our look-alikes. My dress is old, scratchy-feeling, outdated. But she is the 3rd girl in our family to wear this dress and that’s special. And what do I have to lose? Soon it will fit her no longer. Soon she will not want to match with me.
We celebrated 21 years this August.
This is my sister Linda and I with our daughters modeling our old wedding dresses.
We tried on our bride and maid of honour dresses from my wedding.
This little punkin turned 18 and all of these changes turn me inside out.

I had a cup of Red Rose tea and a pumpkin cookie while making photo captions.  It doesn’t look like anything deep will be addressed on my blog today.  It is almost time to go pick up children at school.

Happy autumn. I pray for rain for your smoky skies, wisdom to raise your teens, and someone to bring you a coffee if you are lonely.


3 thoughts on “nothing sensational

  1. Deep or not, it was good to read your words again. I had to laugh a little at you wishing for a reason to lie down… I have thought the same thing but every time it actually happens, all my lovely daydreams fly out the window too. 🙂

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