People I love #14

I could tell you about my friend Lisa. Back when I joined xanga (a blog site that was popular 10 years ago) and then facebook, there was this Lisa Troyer that fascinated me from the beginning. She wrote with wit and beauty and the most outstanding thing about her was her grace with others. She always had the most fitting words to say. We became friends. The longer I know her, the more I love her. She has the truest heart and an understanding of humanity like few people I know. I’ve only met her once, but I hope we can get together again someday.

I could tell you about my cousin Judith. She’s a lovely one. Fun, deep, expressive, full of good fruits. She writes candidly about her experiences with deep loss and embraces life with joy and grace. I don’t see her often enough, but it’s always so good when we’re together.

Then there are my old friends Phoebe, Suzi, and Linnea. We share past stories and I’m so thankful we’re still friends. Once in a while I have coffee with one of them and when I do, I always wonder why we don’t do it more often. I ❤️ them. They’ve all been through some very hard things that have made them stronger, better people.

There’s my new friend Lisa from our one evening together in the psychiatric unit of Dawson Creek hospital. Something clicked and we’ve connected online since then. Lisa is open about her mental health struggle like I try to be about mine. I hope we have a chance to get together again someday.

An online acquaintance that became a dear friend is Christy Smucker. She heads up The Mom Community in Atlanta and inspires me so much. I love her gentle heart and her love for Jesus. It’s a good day when I get a DM from Christy.

I don’t follow a lot of blogs, but here are a few that do not disappoint.

Shari Zook-witty, so gifted with writing, honest. You can’t help but love her. Here she writes about her book that will be coming out soon.

Anita Yoder-beautiful writing and heart. I learn from her perception of God and art and literature.

Lucinda Kinsinger is just a dear. Her writing is fun and real and sensitive. She’s already published a book and here she writes about her second book.

I dug in my heels about Dorcas Smucker for a long time. I can be rebellious about following really popular people. But like the rest, I was drawn in by her humour, skill, and candor. She attacks difficult subjects with courage and I deeply respect her worldview.

Rosina Smucker writes about hard things with grace and humility. She is a beautiful soul.

So there you have it.

The evening shadows were so pretty tonight, but this picture doesn’t capture them.

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