February 27

I found a wee crystal vase at a thrift store. (I cannot resist a pretty vase.) When I saw mini carnations in the grocery store the other day, I knew exactly where they belonged.

I was just getting ready to fry burger for taco salad this evening when Dan called and said, “Shall we go out for supper?”

So we did. He’s so good that way. ❤️

3 thoughts on “February 27

  1. Carnations are one of my favorite flowers! My Dad brought me a lovely mixed bouquet on Valentines’ weekend and I filled 4 vases; sunflowers in one, tiny broken daisies in a small bowl, carnations in a tall vase, and the rest of the daisies and lilies in another… here we are on the first day of March and the carnations are just starting to wilt!

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