Review and giveaway: Turtle Heart by Lucinda Kinsinger

If you want to read a book where the author pours out her very heart, Turtle Heart is the book for you.

If you want to read a story of true love, this is the story for you.

If you want a tale of God’s beautiful redemption, read Luci Kinsinger’s honest writing.

(Photo courtesy of Nicole Troyer @thedailymrst on Instagram)

What feels like a very long time ago, my friend Luci asked me if I’d read and give my input on her book, Turtle Heart. It came in PDF form and I printed off all of over 300 pages and immersed myself in her story.

Turtle Heart, Unlikely Friends With a Life Changing Bond is the story of a young Mennonite girl and an elderly Ojibwa woman named Charlene.

In reading this book, you will learn about Mennonite culture and tradition and tidbits about the life of an indigenous person in Wisconsin longer ago-and today.

You will feel the neediness of each of our hearts. In Luci’s story I often felt just like her in one moment and just like Charlene in the next.

While Luci goes into the friendship thinking that she will help Charlene, she soon learns that Charlene has so much to teach her.

The one criticism I have for Luci’s story is that it kind of lags for me in a few places and feels like it’s not going anywhere. It feels heavy and like things will never change. Luci gives, Charlene takes. They love each other fiercely but do a continual dance of trying to get along. I think the author has a purpose in the lagging. Life was lagging for her too.

This is a story of learning to give-and give some more, of learning to say no, of thinking outside the box, of everyday kindness.

I am proud of Luci like she is my own child because she has made her dreams come true and published two books.

Ultimately, this is a story of redemption for both Charlene and Luci. She writes:

And in the first clear color of understanding, I know God is equal in all nations to all people. Whether to child, adult, simple-minded or learned, he speaks in the simple straightforward language of conscience. Maybe in the same way Charlene speaks, leaning forward at the table, talking sense.

Maybe I’ve been envisioning a heart like a Ping-Pong ball, bounced to the side of “saved” or “unsaved” on the paddle of the correct religious belief. But a heart is more substantial than that, more like soil, like crumbly rich stuff with worm droppings and leaf bodies and mold mixed into it. “Ye shall know them by their fruits,” Jesus said. The measure of soil—or of a heart—is what it produces.

Luci sent me an autographed copy of her book which I haven’t received yet (slow, slow Canada post) and is generously giving away another copy. To enter the giveaway, comment on this post with the name of a favourite book or a current read. If you’re not a reader but would like to win, just comment with “I’d like to enter.” I will take comments here on the blog or on facebook. Giveaway closes September 30, a week from today.

You can also follow Lucinda Kinsinger’s blog and be blessed. Or read her other book, Anything But Simple.

58 thoughts on “Review and giveaway: Turtle Heart by Lucinda Kinsinger

  1. I’ve recently read Shari Zook’s book, “Peanut Butter and Dragon Wings”, and enjoyed it immensely. Also, I’m sure that I would call any book that you write, Luci, one of my favorites!

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