Just meandering

We’ve been having quiet Sunday evenings this summer because Dan is often doing a baptismal class at church in the late afternoons and then he doesn’t feel a lot like being sociable in the evenings. I have a love/hate relationship with quiet Sundays. I love them, but easily get restless with too many in a row.

I took a lovely long walk and read this afternoon. The youth group got together tonight, so that means Liesl is the only child at home. I did a few dishes and now I’m drinking vanilla rooibus tea and thanking God that my taste and smell are coming back a week post Covid.

(Yeah, we had a round of *that*. Nothing major, but definitely not fun.)

Maybe due in part to being sick, I have a restless feeling and just want to GO somewhere and DO something. (But I’m not sure where or what.)

We did stick pretty close to home this summer and I didn’t mind much at all. It was such a beautiful summer in countless ways. And now we’re having a gorgeous fall.

One of my friends commented that I look like I have extra long covering strings on this picture. Sometime when I am rich, I will buy some cordless earbuds. But for now these work just fine.

There are pumpkins all about the house and I just got my tomatoes out of the freezer to thaw for a day of making marinara sauce tomorrow. I freeze them as they ripen and then have a big day of canning them.

I just ate a piece of very nutty zucchini bread. What is your vote? With or without nuts? We have strong feelings about both in our family.

Other random things:

I was told last week that I have beautiful eyes. Even though one droops and the droopy one also has a little skin tag on the lower lid (if it’s called a lid on the bottom), which you can see in the picture above. So that was nice.

In his Sunday school devotional at church today, Andrew asked us what was the nicest thing someone ever told us. I had to think a while on that one and I’m not sure I came up with a final answer. But I wondered if I’ve ever told someone the nicest thing they’ve ever heard. I hope so. I’m going to work on perfecting that.

Dan is listening to a podcast by one of his favourite soil health experts, Gabe Brown. Gabe is from North Dakota. Just in case you were wondering.

I wonder if I shall ever be a world changer or if I’ll always sit up north here making zucchini bread and marinara sauce and going to BayTree church and shopping at No Frills and photographing sunsets. I will likely be buried in my cape dress and placed next to my dad and brother in the little Briar Ridge Cemetery that our kids mow every summer.

Hopefully I will be remembered as a kind soul.

I’m not sure how this post turned morbid. That’s what happens when you don’t have a Point for writing and just let it meander along.

I’m sure you’ve all seem enough fall photos, but here’s another one.

I made the mistake of telling my children that “grody” was a common word when I was a teen and that “grody to the max” was also used. They hooted at the hilarity and now they use it themselves.

I miss the old days of blogging my heart out about busy mom life and hilarious kid snippets and all the deep and doubtful things I thought about.

There’s a settledness and weariness and acceptance that comes with getting older. It’s mostly good. But I don’t want to become old and boring and some days it just creeps up on me. But I’m still playing Wordle, so there’s that.

What are you doing to keep from becoming old and set in your ways? What will you be buried in? And how do you like your zucchini bread?


14 thoughts on “Just meandering

  1. I love zucchini bread with nuts and slathered with butter (or whipped cream cheese spread)
    I play wordle to keep my brain active. Also Scrabble and anagrams. I want to be buried in a white dress. I wish I could convince all the women attending my funeral to wear pastel colors – no black. (I guess the men could wear white shirts with black pants.) If a person thought they had to wear something darker I love navy blue so I wouldn’t mind that as much as black. If you look up what started the custom of wearing black for mourning you’d find out it is just creepy. I love your meandering thoughts! – Dawn

    1. I enjoy your meandering posts very much. To answer the questions in your last paragraph: 1. Play Boggle with Ken and read old letters with him, such as those I wrote to my twin sister in the first year after marriage. 2. A cape dress (and probably a sweater that I found at Goodwill ten years ago). My friends who have a better sense of what “season” I am will need to pick the color scheme of the outfit. 3. The more sans nuts, the better.
      PS. Keep writing, please do.

    2. Mmm. Whipped cream cheese spread on zucchini bread sounds delicious. I was trying to research the custom of wearing black for mourning and couldn’t find anything too creepy. Do tell!

      1. Hi Luci, I’ve read From Beginning To End The Rituals Of Our Lives by Robert Fulghum. He tells about a funeral for Martha, a woman who “had read somewhere that the reason black was the color of mourning was because in ancient times, people believed that the spirits of the dead could enter the bodies of the living. To keep from being possessed, mourners disguised themselves by painting their bodies black or covering themselves with black garments. The custom of women wearing black veils is an extension of this precaution. ” end of quote (You’re right- I couldn’t find anything about this on Google. So I don’t know where she read this.) I’ll have to do more research.

  2. I like to think that a genuine interest in people could help stave off some of the old and boring tendencies. That’s something you shine at for sure. I never put nuts in my zucchini bread because a couple of people around here like it better without, but I would enjoy them.😊 And dear me, the last thing I want to think about is how I want to be buried. Sorry, gonna leave that one.😝

    1. I think that’s a good point. And thanks. We have some of the same refined tastes here, but lately the girls have started to make one loaf without and one with. It’s fine that you didn’t answer the last question. 😃I’m not sure I even want to be viewed at my funeral.

  3. I liked your post – and you look beautiful – the picture highlights your beautiful smile and hair…and all the black and white and gray makes it look ‘classic’ or something…sounds like I’m vying for ‘nicest comment’ or something….

  4. Luci, I love every post you write. I agree, this is such a different season of life than that intense time of a houseful of children and all that entails. In a way, isn’t the beautiful autumn weather similar to this time in life? Mellow, peaceful, beautiful.

  5. 1. I intend to keep learning new skills or hobbies. 2. I like to think I’ll be buried in a plain pine box or wrapped in a favourite old quilt beneath an old tree. In reality it’ll be up to my family. 3. Always with nuts.

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