Facebook post

Tonight I posted this on Facebook:

“Dan’s latest thing is making zucchini bread at crazy hours. He doesn’t get tired of eating the same thing like I do.

We were gone this evening and when we came home the 3 youngest kids were downstairs practicing Christmas music at the piano. Of course my heart is thoroughly warmed.

I’m overwhelmed with your responses on my last blog post. I don’t know how to go about letting you know how I appreciated each of your comments, humour, and insights.

One thing is clear. We are very passionate about death and how it’s treated. It’s understandable. When our hearts are twisted with grief and emotions are so terribly raw or numb, we have big feelings about how things should be done. Or strong feelings that something is amiss.

Now let me retreat for a bit and think about my own funeral directives.”

Thank you so much to those of you who weighed in here on the blog too. You are appreciated!

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