What matters right now?

A woman I follow on Instagram recently wrote a post about how when she was trying to find her calling and purpose in life, it gave her anxiety to think about questions like, “What lights you up?” or Mary Oliver’s “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

So she changed the questions to “What matters to me right now?” And that simplified her purpose and calling.

I like that idea.

What matter to you Right Now? You don’t need to overthink or write something profound. It could be as simple as getting your house ready for guests or as hard as working on a difficult relationship.

In no particular order of priority and with a valiant attempt not to be long and wordy, here are a few things that matter to me right now.

A marriage of mutual respect and joy in each other. (Sometimes it feels like we are both so flawed that this is out of our reach. But then there are moments of preciousness and understanding that make all the effort worthwhile. I know. You didn’t know we struggle, did you?)

The warmth, safety and stability of the homeless/mentally ill/addicted in our hometown. It gets COLD and the needs are many and heartbreaking. I don’t really know what to do about this, but it matters.

Open, trusting relationships with my children and church family

My closets, freezers, and other spaces needing serious attention

Finding beauty. Always.

Compassion and empathy 

Holy Spirit guidance 

And now it is onward and forward to creating organization out of some of the chaos of my home.


4 thoughts on “What matters right now?

  1. Years ago our pastor encouraged us to wake up in the morning and ask ourselves “what is God’s will for me today?” It often clarifies for me and gives me a sense of purpose when I feel “floundery”

  2. I would be grateful to have a go-to person that I know and trust for tech support–I sometimes limp along for months with a work-around for months. And it would also be nice to have someone that would be available to help with home maintenance and repair. I’d be happy to hire someone for both of these. For these I have had people available in the past, then they became unavailable because of a change in their employment situation. –Linda Rose

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