The posts I didn’t make

I seem to have a lot to say these days and I’m afraid people get tired of my voice. At least if I write my thoughts here, they’re not right in someone’s face. You have to click on your email or the blog post share to go here. And there’s no need to like or comment.

Me getting long winded:

Lately I’ve been especially noticing the poetry of the Bible. God is poetic. David writes poetry and Paul isn’t too shabby at it either, especially in his beautiful benedictions.

This morning I read: “Now unto the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God, be honour and glory for ever and ever. Amen.”~1 Timothy 1:17~

“Eternal, immortal, invisible…” Say those words and think of your Creator.

One year our school sang this verse in a song that we never sang growing up and I love it so much. Thanks to Mr Overholt.

I couldn’t find a version that was very good, but there are several decent ones below. And then the hymn that also uses part of that line is so pretty too.

I love to watch these people sing.

On Wednesday we had sewing circle at church and hot lunch for the school. (Sewing circle: wherein Mennonite women gather and sew blankets for those who might be cold in various parts of the world.)

I wore a dress I don’t love and leggings because it was cold (hate ’em) and some thick socks. And all day I felt so dowdy and unfeminine.

The lunch was delicious and the company was very good. But I couldn’t get past feeling uncomfortably ugly.

This morning while Now Unto the King Eternal played over and over in my mind, I dressed and combed and took a selfie and hoped for a better day. Sometimes I feel like such a kid. Do you remember being an adolescent and your favourite clothes were all in the laundry and you had to wear your least favourite outfit? And somehow your whole day would go bad.

Today was better.

Work was good. Networks is a busy, busy place. We have new clients every day and the old building literally hums with activity.

Tonight Dan roasted prime rib and made smashed potatoes. And there was pumpkin pie by my sister Linda for dessert.

This is almost too close to home to be funny.

Andre: “Make sure you don’t forget anything tomorrow. Because it’s Remembrance Day.”


14 thoughts on “The posts I didn’t make

  1. I find your perspective so interesting, and among many other things it helps me understand people to whom clothes matter.
    I feel like I always default to the kinds of clothes I wore to do chores when I was a teenager. Practical, out of style, basic, comfortable, warm. Skirts wide enough that I can climb over fences.
    I love leggings on cold days.
    Despite differing from you on these matters, I find so many things in your posts that make me feel understood.

  2. Uh. So. I don’t comment because I just don’t know what to say. But I really enjoy your posts. I don’t have a lot in common with you. I find your story fascinating (the nugget I’ve seen anyhow) and I keep coming back because you live a simple life. And your pictures aren’t over edited and or your entire life in nice, neat rows. A person needs to be careful ’bout folks that have all the world’s knots unraveled.

    I like hearing about your garden and family. I like hearing about life in the North. There’s a sense of calm in the things you insinuate to be humdrum.

    1. I’ll echo this 🙂 It’s always so pleasant and relatable to read your perspective on those “things you insinuate to be humdrum”. I like the mix of wistful or sardonic/grouchy bits with deep gratitude and tenderheartedness? Something like that. I relate the most to the “middle-aged adolescent” parts 🙂

      1. Thank you, Brenna! ❤️
        These are precious words to me. As you can probably easily figure out, words of affirmation are high on my list of ways to love someone.

  3. The sleep tips hit home for me. It’s astonishing how easy it is to fall asleep while sitting. I wish it would always be that easy to go back to sleep when I wake up long before it’s time to get up.–Linda Rose

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