Wednesday afternoon

We’re on Day 4 of grey whiteness. Light snow, crazy windchills, stay-in-the-house weather.

I kind of enjoy it for a bit. The fire is cracking and the lights are cozy. I wasn’t sad to see that tomorrow’s forecasted weather is very sunny, though. I never do well with grey skies for days on end. Never mind that tomorrow’s low is -30 and the high is -22.

I have a few minutes to write before the kids come home from school.

Today included a walk in what my neighbours call their forest. We usually call our woods “bush” up here, due to many scrubby poplars and willows mixed in with some spruce and birch. But the Funks live in spruce heaven. My neighbour Linda and I walked some trails this morning to avoid the wind chills on the open road. It was magical. I wanted to take more pictures, but mt phone quit working because of the cold.

Today also included baking Dan’s mom’s peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and finding the source of a vinegary smell in the fridge.

I forgot the eggs in the cookies for the first round. They were hard, dry lumps. This was hard on my ego. It’s not something I normally do.

{Despite her many other flaws, she is a careful and rather excellent baker, she said humbly.}

Thankfully it worked to add eggs to the rest of the dough and keep baking.

The smell in the fridge was some pickled jalapeños that fell over and leaked down beneath the vegetable crispers.

Four of the children I taught in school in Sparta, Wisconsin, lost their dad yesterday. My heart is broken for them. Their dad, Ernie, was a gentle, hardworking soul and appreciated by so many. What a hole his home going will leave.

Thank you for your prayers after my last post. I actually felt them! You are the sweetest friends.

I upped my dose of the blue pill and I’m back to my usual tired and hopefully stable self. I’m grateful.

Children are home. I’ll see how they like the dry cookies. 😄


2 thoughts on “Wednesday afternoon

  1. I’m glad to hear that you went outside. I read once that even an overcast day is brighter outside than natural light indoors. I suggest you fill those eyes with natural light daily, when suitable. Linda Rose

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