I am Lucinda Fern, but I’ve always and forever just been Luci.

Wife of Dan– farmer, pastor, sawyer.  Mom of six, ages 4 to 15.

We live in a yellow house with three green doors on an Alberta ridge with a view that almost doesn’t end.

We love to travel and entertain guests.

I think and dream too much and am partial to colorful scarves, moments of quiet, children’s artwork, growing flowers, stimulating friendships, sunshine, and Philip Yancey’s books.

Thanks for visiting here today!



6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Luci, I am so excited to find your blog! And I love love your post on the kindest Mennonite- my heart’s desire. I am trying to figure out how to follow your blog, I’m sure you have the option, but where do I find it? Have a beautiful new year 🙂 Dorcas

    1. Thank you, Dorcas! I am sorry to say that I don’t even know how to tell you to subscribe to this blog! 😦 I know some people do get it by email. When I go into my blog, it’s personalized to me, so I don’t know how it looks to someone who is just reading it. Is there a “Follow” option in the left hand corner in the black strip? I can send you a facebook friend request and then you can at least see when I post because I link to facebook.

  2. Hi Luci!
    Enjoying your blog very much so far! I looked you up on FB and sent you a private message… you may need to check your Other folder if it didn’t come to your inbox. I would like to feature your blog in my magazine, Daughters of Promise. More details in the message!

  3. Luci, I love your blogs, but same as Dorcas, I haven’t been able to figure out how to subscribe. I do see you on Facebook, but would love to get the blog. Maybe check with Word Press to see if they can help set that up?
    You are so real and that’s just one reason why I, and I’m sure many others, love you. Being real isn’t easy in today’s world. Many blessings, my friend. Keep on keeping on!

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