Hold on

Baby poplar leaves

in a vase

on a sun kissed evening

after a hike.

Sometimes the world

feels so dark and messed up.

I see sadness and addiction

at the place

where I work.

And I battle my own addictions

to anxiety

and control

and negativity

and other things.

But every spring that yellow-green emerges.

The hyacinths bloom a blazing blue.

The sun shines down

and the wind blows.

Just as spring always comes,

there is always hope for humanity.

Hold on in the darkness.

Bedtime snacks

I came into the kitchen this evening and Dan and the children were all eating cold cereal. So I had some too.

More cereal gets consumed here in the evenings than in the mornings.

Do you have bedtime snacks at your house? What’s your go-to?

May 10

Today I did seven loads of laundry and there are still two left to wash. We got really dirty down by the Peace River last night.

I also weeded the south flowerbeds and I plan to plant gladiolus and dahlias soon. I wrote for writing group and admired this hanging bird bath from my secret sister.

I think I probably need to put it farther away from the house. But for now I’ll see if any birds discover it here.

Thank you, secret sister!

Sunday afternoon

We’re heading out to a park for the evening and I guess I’ll get this post behind me for the day.

The mystery substance was honey, as a few of you guessed. Raw Peace River honey is kind of congealed when you get it. It is a very light colour because of the alsike clover the bees feed on and is, in our opinion, the best honey around. You can melt it clear down for a very light golden syrup. Or you can melt it just partially (as we prefer) and it is whipped honey. It stays on your spoon/toast much better that way.

It’s quite lovely and one of the few special things we can give to friends back east who seem to have everything. But not everyone loves it like we do. Some people find it too mild.

Obligatory Mother’s Day photo happened too. We miss you, Alec. I love being a mom.

Peace River’s finest

This morning I was dipping this substance out of a three gallon bucket and wondered if my non western/northern friends would know what it was.

So don’t answer this if you’re familiar with it already. But if you’re not, can you guess?


No one ever told me

that children would need

old shoes and school shoes and Sunday shoes

and winter boots and mud boots

and flip flops and sandals

and cute boots and dressy boots

and converse and vans

and that in the chilly May springtime,

most of these would be in the entry way at the same time.

I know it speaks of the abundance we live in.

(And any expensive shoes are bought with their own money.)

But yeah. It’s a mess.

May 6

I’ve been struggling with some heavy heartedness and anxiety in the last few weeks over stuff I can’t really talk about right now. Would you please pray for me?

But there’s new baby green in spots.

And Jesus is the Author and also the Finisher. So things will come out right in the end.


We’re sitting around the table and the girls are practicing fonts for addressing wedding invitations. It’s 10:51 pm.

Things seem so slow this year. But I found these today.

May 4

Dan roasts a really good marshmallow. He takes his time and makes it perfectly golden. He’s just in from work and is covered in sawdust.

(un)happy places #1

I’m sorry to be such a ray of sunshine.

But this is not my favourite spot.

I always need to be armed with a seam ripper. And this morning I was wearing a bandaid because I pricked my finger on the sewing machine needle.

I was just sewing a knock about dress for Liesl. It shouldn’t have been a big deal. But the seams didn’t match up where they were supposed to. And the ZIPPER!!!😩🤪

My sister Linda does most of my sewing. But she is leaving for nine months and I feel like I should get back in practice.

What’s one of your unhappy places?