Monday morning

Canadian Thanksgiving day.
Recovering from being sick.
Dishes to put away.
Missed yesterday’s turkey dinner at church, but will celebrate with waffle brunch and family.
On my grateful list: Physical health, mental health, my dishwasher, my kids, friendships, fall, purpose, grace.

It’s also World Mental Health Day, which I of course didn’t know till I read it on social media.😄
It’s a subject very precious to me.
Postpartum depression and family with mental health issues and spending time in a psychiatric ward after a manic episode and then several years of crippling depression have left me raw and ragged and with more questions than answers about mental health. I am left with super sensitive feelers out for other people who may be struggling.

I think that if something has worked well for us or someone we know, we tend to think it will work for everyone. (I got this thought from my sister Twila.)
Counselling. Plexus. Casting out demons. Diet changes. Exercise. Immersing in the Word. Repentance. Medication.
In truth, we are complex beings with bodies, souls, and spirits.
Our mental health issues may be spiritual, physical, or emotional. And they may be a complex combination of any/all of the above.
“We may even know what will help, but not have the drive or energy or motivation to act on that knowledge.” #diaryofanhonestmom
For me, medication has helped me to think more clearly to address spiritual issues and get the exercise I need. Reaching beyond myself and giving to others has been huge. (Forgive me for referring to my beloved job at Networks Ministries ONCE AGAIN. 🤪😊)

If you struggle with seeing the light or know of someone else who is in that place, please ask for help. Keep checking in with your friend you’re worried about. Listen without judgment. (I know this sounds like all the other things you read about how to respond. But those words are there because they’re true.)

Happy thanksgiving if you’re Canadian.
Happy Monday if you’re not.
Be kind today. ❤️


One thought on “Monday morning

  1. Thank you for that. We all need to extend more grace and understanding and less “know-it-all.” Happy Thanksgiving! …from one who was just having a Monday. Not great, but good.

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